About us

Laui combines quality with the latest trends. This results in various innovative collections consisting of different materials. This means that Laui lounge products find a nice place in every interior and exterior.


All products are handmade in our own workshop, which ensures that every product receives the attention it deserves. Laui products are not only an eye-catcher for your interior, but their correct dimensions and comfort create an ultimate relaxing moment. Thanks to the different sizes that Laui offers, even the little ones can relax on the stylish designs.


This year we started the (online) sale of custom-made outdoor cushions via our webshop www.onlinemaatussen.nl. We are now active in 5 countries and our company has 50 employees.


Due to our years of experience with (outdoor) fabrics, cushions, fillings and finishes, we decided to develop ''the ultimate outdoor lounge'' in-house. The result; Laui Lounge!


With the introduction of the Laui Lounge collection, we managed to get many dealers enthusiastic about including our products in showrooms in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. In addition to sales through our own webshop, we enjoy being in daily contact with our official sales points.


This year we are introducing a number of new models to our collection such as the Adult XL and the Longchair. We are choosing 'the open water' by collaborating intensively with a number of influencers and the first steps have been taken to start sales in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Denmark. To be continued...